The real estate in London is now a chain of theft.

China News Service, December 3, according to the European “Sing Tao Daily” reported that a theft of a residential area in southern London frequently occurred, residents Maliha Butt decided to establish a self-defense team to investigate the 12 serials in the area in the last three months. The burglary case, the move was answered by the neighbours.

It is reported that the 36-year-old middle school female teacher Butt lives in the Sutton area of ​​London, and the price of a house is at least £1.2 million. Butt has lived here since childhood, and the community has been safe for 30 years now until the recent theft.

Butt said: “I think this is not a general & lsquo; attack escapes & rsquo; type of random crime, but a planned, premeditated criminal action. I believe that the gangsters have been trained, such as the walls of the stolen homes, ornaments, mirrors have been removed, it is clear that they are bent on finding the safe. In addition, there is evidence that thieves will step on the grid a few days earlier, gold and silver jewelry, cash and other valuables are their main goal. ”

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