The second round of peace talks on the Syrian issue has not taken progress. Brahimi has called for an accelerated process., February 12th According to the UN website on the 11th, the second round of the second Geneva meeting of the Syrian issue, which began on the 10th, continued on the 11th local time. The United Nations-Arab Syrian Joint Special Representative Brahimi told the media that the talks on that day still failed to make any progress and called on the representatives of the two sides to speed up the peace talks for the welfare of the Syrian people.

After a meeting with Syrian opposition and government representatives on the 11th, Brahimi said that the peace talks are still more laborious and have not made any progress so far. He said that if you want to talk to the real “take off”, you need the sincere cooperation of the two sides and the strong support of the international community.

Brahimi will hold talks with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gatinov and US Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs Sherman on the 14th, and then to the United Nations Headquarters in New York to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and members of the Security Council. Briefing on peace talks.

Brahimi said, “As I said, I am patient with the peace talks process. However, the Syrian people who are in dire straits have no such patience. We have a responsibility to accelerate the pace of action for their well-being. I welcome the extension of the humanitarian ceasefire agreement in the Old Town of Homs, but this success took up to six months; we exchanged hundreds of civilians for evacuation and a small portion of humanitarian relief in a long six months. The entry of materials. However, there are still many places in Syria that are surrounded by war and isolated, and they are waiting for support. International humanitarian workers must risk their lives to carry out their work. ”

Earlier, the parties to the Syrian conflict agreed to extend the humanitarian ceasefire agreement in the old town of Homs, the capital city of Homs, for another three days, thinking that the city was besieged for more than 600 days. Residents provide humanitarian assistance and allow civilians to leave the theater.

According to preliminary statistics, since the Syrian parties reached the Holmes Humanitarian Ceasefire Agreement for the first time on February 6, the United Nations resident humanitarian agency has helped more than 1,130 civilians to be safely transferred, including 124 elderly people. 308 children under the age of 18, 465 men aged 18 to 55 and 252 women, including more than 20 pregnant women.

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