The US military invests in the development of electronic self-destruction technology.

“Mission Impossible” movie poster

China News Service February 9th, according to Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” 9 The Japanese report will cost millions of dollars to develop a self-destructive technology that allows electronic devices to “disappear” on the battlefield, just like the movie “Impossible Mission” (also translated as “Mission Impossible”, edited In the case of Note), the tape will be automatically destroyed after the task details are submitted.

In the past two months, the Pentagon research institute has signed more than $17 million in contracts with contractors to develop new technologies to prevent microelectronic sensors and other devices from falling into the hands of the enemy.

The contractor’s mission is to develop “short-term” electronic devices that can be remotely destroyed or broken into pieces.

According to the report, in the “Impossible Mission” series, Tom · Cruise’s protagonist always listens to confidential instructions through the tape, and then the tape will announce that it will automatically be in five seconds. Destroy & rdquo;, then smoke and automatically destroy.

Today, the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency funded a project to develop a 21st century version of automated destruction recording equipment.

According to the contract document of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency last month, many complex electronic devices used by the US military on the battlefield, including radios, remote sensors and even mobile phones, can be low-cost. Manufactured, but such equipment is mostly difficult to track and recycle.

The document points out that electronic devices are often scattered around the battlefield, and may be taken away by the enemy, reused or researched, and this may result in the United States losing its technological superiority.

The purpose of the new program is to solve this problem and create a system that “can disappear completely without control under control or startup”. In this way, even if the device falls into the hands of the enemy, it becomes a waste.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has been conducting ambitious research, some of which have been used in military and civilian applications, including the establishment of the Internet and global positioning navigation systems.

As for the latest project, the agency said that this is a reinterpretation of the cold switch “kill switch”. At that time, in order to ensure that no one deliberately committed damage, the US government required all nuclear missiles to be equipped with a Permissive Action Link device, which must be authorized and enter the correct password to launch a nuclear missile.

According to the new “self-destruction device”, the head of the R&D program, Jackson, said they want to create an electronic device that exists only when needed. & rdquo;

She said that such equipment can be destroyed according to the signal sent by the commander, or “in certain environmental conditions”, such as the specific temperature to start the destruction.

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