The water tank toilet is good, what are the advantages and disadvantages, and it is summarized.

   Nowadays, people are getting higher and higher requirements for living standards. Many people want to install a waterless toilet, but they don’t know whether the water tank is good or not, so let’s summarize it together.

  1, the advantages of the tankless toilet

&emsp ;  First of all, the tankless toilet is more intelligent and convenient. Under normal circumstances, the installation of the tankless toilet can be directly controlled and used, and the use of more advanced technology, as long as the water pressure is within the specified range, under normal circumstances, it can be washed normally, while the water tank toilet flushing effect is also very It’s good, and judging from the noise, basically it can be said that there is no noise. Secondly, the waterless toilet can be used normally without using electricity. Because the tankless toilet is equipped with a dry battery, it can provide sufficient power to the tankless toilet, so it is safe to use. Finally, the tankless toilet is also very convenient to rinse. Flushing is more thorough than the siphonic toilet in normal life. Therefore, it is not easy to produce dirt and bacteria during use, which affects human health.

 2, the disadvantages of the tankless toilet

   the tankless toilet is a new type of water-saving type used in the city. The toilet, so the waterless toilet can directly use the city tap water, so the normal flushing cannot be achieved under the condition of insufficient water pressure, and the tap water pressure used in the waterless toilet must be greater than 0.05pa, otherwise the water tank cannot Normal work, so in general only in the city can achieve this condition. Moreover, because this is a new type of toilet, it is generally more expensive in terms of price.


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