The world market is pursuing China’s smart toilet seat

It is reported that at the 117th Canton Fair held in Guangzhou, from the basic functions to the comprehensive intelligence, all kinds of high-quality smart sanitary ware products made in China attract many merchants.

After more than 30 years of hard work, China is already a big country in the world with a well-deserved sanitary ware manufacturing industry. With the strong support of the domestic demand market, Chinese companies are not only striving to improve product quality, but also start to find ways to “ Doing better to “sell better transformation.”

At the Canton Fair site, Sun Li, senior account manager of Huida Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. told reporters that with the attention of the domestic public on health and comfort, smart toilet covers are gradually occupying the original traditional toilet market. So far, the company has accounted for 20-30% of the sales of smart toilets in the domestic market. It is a new product developed based on domestic demand combined with international marketing feedback. It has successfully attracted many from the Middle East in this session of the Canton Fair. Negotiations and inquiries from merchants in South America and other regions. Good quality, new technology and many types are the key to successfully occupying the market and attracting customers.

“ In the first quarter of this year, we developed and produced this smart toilet cover, which has sold more than 4,000 units in the domestic market. Xu Chuangang, general manager of import and export of Jiangsu Fengrun Import & Export Co., Ltd. said that in fact, the technical level of domestic enterprises producing smart toilet covers is already very high. It is the fourth generation to access multimedia devices through wireless networks such as wifi, and the technology continues to innovate and even exceed In Japan and South Korea, products are constantly being updated to meet the needs of customers.

In addition, for the different needs of domestic and foreign customers, the product’s function is differentiated. Consumers can also customize different types and sizes of smart toilets according to the size of the original toilet. cover.

& ldquo; Last year, smart toilets accounted for about 20%. This year, considering the increase in market demand, the proportion of such products will increase to 30%

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