The world’s largest financing movement creates skyscrapers

It may seem like a skyscraper, but there are more shining points. Colombians who raised $200 million (cash) in exchange for the development of the corresponding shares became possible. With this huge local amount of financial support it is possible.
Expected to be completed in 2015, the new green skyscraper is a truly inspirational community responsive urban design. Yes, this will be the first skyscraper in Colombia in 40 years and after completion, it will be the highest place in the country. However, the most interesting feature of the project is that it will be built by society for society. Due to the new approach to public real estate funding, the spirit of the intrinsic community involved in the project is expected to lead to a positive impact on Bogotá, which has seen tremendous growth over the past decade, but little progress has been made in effective urban planning.

Upon completion, the building will be a huge 1.2 million square foot project, office building, shop, apartment and 364 Room in the hotel. However, more than one multi-purpose structure becomes the same as the icon of the urban environment. A number of environmental protection measures will be implemented in the design of efficient water management systems and strategic climate control measures within the scope of buildings.
The control and management of water, effective water management within the building’s strategic system, will avoid waste and implement a three-cycle system when water reuse.
For temperature control, lighting, the building will use a large soundproof window to illuminate the interior. By using natural light, energy consumption is expected to decrease by 30%. In addition, the climate was studied in the last century to show the variation of light distribution throughout the year, as well as the average temperature in Bogotá. Through these studies, the project team estimated that it would be possible to eliminate the outer walls of 50% of normal insulated buildings used in air conditioning and heating systems. Through strategic locations of windows, walls and concrete slabs, the building will be able to take advantage of its natural environment to control the ambient temperature as much as possible.
In order to create a healthy environment throughout the construction process and afterwards, the construction process will focus on the control and protection of particulate matter in accordance with the management of atmospheric emissions and strict management systems to prevent air pollution and harmful effects on workers. health. Also impressive is the integrated solid waste management system built into the project. During the construction process, waste or hazardous waste will be transferred directly to the appropriate registry and the layoffs for the waste metal can be disposed of by experts who pass it to the dump.

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