Theft of a British collection is worth millions of pounds of diamond crown stolen

China News Service, November 30, according to the European Network, the European Union News Agency reported that a few days ago, the British police released a message that the Portland Collection in the Worksop area of ​​Nottinghamshire, England was stolen, a multi-million The sterling diamond crown headdress was stolen by thieves. The police have been involved in the investigation.

The stolen diamond crown tiara is said to be the Portland Tiara, a heirloom for the Duke of Portland family. In 1902, the famous jewelry company Cartier used the handed down diamonds of the Duke of Portland to create the crown-shaped headwear. At the center of the headpiece is a huge diamond with two drop-shaped diamonds on each side and a large number of broken diamonds in the crown.

The sixth lady of the Duke of Portland had worn the crown headdress and attended the coronation ceremony of Edward VII. The sixth wife of the Duke of Portland was one of the four noble ladies who held the canopy for her when Queen Alexandra was crowned with holy oil.

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