This is called hydrating the floor! Your top is called the bubble floor!

In the dry winter, the delicate floor is the key care object. In order to extend the life of the floor, in the dry winter, the floor must be replenished in time, so that the wooden floor can maintain a relatively stable state. There are no problems due to temperature and humidity differences.

The solid wood floor should be hydrated and waxed.

The solid wood floor is a ground decoration material formed by the drying process of natural wood. The surface texture and color pattern are all natural. Therefore, It is also most susceptible to interference from the external environment. When humidity and temperature change, it is most prone to deformation and cracking.

In the space environment of indoor temperature below 28 ° C, humidity between 50% -70%, is the favorite of solid wood flooring. In winter, the climate is already dry, and the solid wood floor will shrink due to water loss, and the splicing gap will increase. However, as long as the water supply work is done well, the waxing of the solid wood floor twice a year can extend the practical life of the solid wood floor and make it ‘youth forever’.

It is important to note that before doing the detailed work, the solid wood floor should be wiped clean, then a layer of solid wax should be evenly applied. After a little drying, wipe it with a soft cloth.

For daily care, just wipe with a wrung cotton swab. If there are stubborn stains on the floor, it is recommended to wipe with a neutral cleaning solvent. Do not scrub with acid, alkaline or gasoline. This will make the solid wood floor ‘destroyed’.

Strengthen the wooden floor to ‘drink enough water’

Although the laminate flooring is not as expensive as the solid wood flooring, it is inexpensive and easy to maintain, so it is very popular.

In general, laminate flooring should pay attention to increase the humidity of the floor surface and maintain the moisture content in the floor. Frequent wiping with a wet mop can increase the surface moisture of the laminate flooring, which can effectively solve the problem of cracks and cracks generated by the floor. If it is found that there is still a ‘cracking’ in individual locations, it is recommended that the professional perform a local ‘surgery’ to do the filling treatment. After filling, the surface moisture should be appropriately increased to facilitate the restoration of the floor.

Quantitative hydration of cork flooring

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The cork flooring is made of cork glued together, the surface is relatively rough, with grooves, so it is easier to accumulate dust, and it should be more careful when cleaning. The waterproof and anti-corrosion performance of ordinary cork flooring is not as good as that of laminate flooring and moisture. It is also easier to infiltrate, so in winter, it is not easy to wipe with a cloth with too much water, and at the same time prevent ink, lipstick, etc. from getting on the floor, otherwise it is not easy to clean.

The biggest enemy of cork floor is Sand, if you accidentally bring the sand into the room, be sure to clean it in time to avoid damage to the cork floor. If the surface of the cork floor has worn out, it is recommended to recoat it. The method is also very simple: firstly sand it with sandpaper. Wear the area, remove the dirt, then wipe it off with a soft dry cloth, and then re-coat or paste the polyester film.

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