Tungsten halogen lamp and halogen lamp, the difference between the words, the gap is very big

Since its inception, halogen lamps have been favored by consumers and businesses. The light they emit is strong and ‘cold’, which means that the intensity of the light emitted by the halogen lamp is much higher than that of the incandescent lamp, which makes the color of the object more dazzling.
   The most attractive thing about halogen lamps is that it makes the surface of the object more vivid and gives off a fascinating sparkle. Because the size of the lamp is very small and exquisite, and the variety of specifications, from narrow to wide to choose from, providing a large creative space for professional lighting design. Halogen lamps are particularly ‘bright’ in terms of economy. For example, an incandescent lamp consumes 75 watts of power to achieve 960 lumens of light, while a halogen lamp requires only about 50 watts.

   In 1879, Edison invented the first incandescent lamp (carbon filament incandescent lamp) and began the first human lighting source technology revolution. Incandescent lamps have a short life span, low halogen lighting, but high color rendering. The second-generation lighting source is a halogen lamp that emits light at a much higher intensity than incandescent lamps, while energy consumption is reduced by about a third.

  The metal halide lamp is named after the bulb is filled with metal halide. The basic structure and illumination principle are similar to those of fluorescent tubes. The difference lies in the arc discharge lighting, which generates high heat and metal. The halide sublimates into a vapor, directly emits visible light, and saves 80% to 90% of energy. It is a third-generation illumination source.

  The metal halide lamp is the third generation of green lighting source in the world after the incandescent lamp and halogen lamp. It has the advantages of high luminous efficiency, good color rendering and long service life. It is not only the first choice for high-end cars, rear-projection TVs, etc., but also widely used in military, expedition, underwater operations, field search and rescue. Compared with ordinary incandescent lamps, metal halide lamps have amazing energy-saving effects and huge market space. Metal halide lamps are developing rapidly in developed countries in Europe and America, with a penetration rate of nearly 40%. However, in China, there were 8 billion bulbs, and the proportion of metal halide lamps was less than 2%. Due to the lower power, the higher the technical requirements, the domestic production of metal halide lamps below 50W is still blank.

I.Where is the halogen halogen lamp used?

   As the star of the third generation lighting, the tungsten halogen lamp should be used in the illumination requirement. Places with good color rendering or dimming, such as gymnasiums, town halls, and banquet halls. Its color temperature is especially suitable for studio lighting of color TVs. Due to its high operating temperature, it is not suitable for dusty, flammable, explosive, corrosive environment, and places with vibration. Quartz concentrating tungsten halogen lamps are used in spotlights or returnlights for film, television and stage lighting.

   Lighting opening and closing is frequent, need to be quickly lit, need to dim or need to avoid high-frequency interference to the test equipment and shielding room, etc., should use halogen tungsten lamp.

   Halogen-tungsten lamps should be used in places where color recognition is required, illumination requirements are high, or long-term intense vision work is required.
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