Ukrainian Security Service denies alleged eavesdropping on US diplomat telephone conversation

China News Service February 9th According to Russian media reports on the 8th, the Ukrainian independent news agency according to the news of the National Security Agency news center Radu · Safonova reported that the Ukrainian Security Service denied that it was suspected of exposing the United States Assistant Secretary of State Newland and US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey · Payette’s telephone conversation recording.

Safonova said: “The Ukrainian Security Service denied any Ukrainian secret agent suspected of exposing this information. “The Ukrainian Security Agency’s Director General of Investigations, Maxim · Leko said that the agent department did not investigate the recording of US diplomats on the Internet.

On February 6 this year, a section of Newland and Payette’s phone recording at the end of January was exposed on the “Youtube” website. Newland said in the recording that he did not want to see the opposition “strike” party leader Vitali & middot; Klitschko entered the government. Payette said that “the Liberal Party” leader Oleg · Ji Yagni Bock has problems. The two also said that opposition leader Arseny · Yashenuk should enter the government.

The United States did not acknowledge the authenticity of the recording, but Newland has already indicated an apology to the EU counterparts. Officials in the United States said that the possibility of leaking the conversation may be Russian, because the link to the recording first appeared in the assistant of Russian Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin — — Dmitry · Los Kutov’s Twitter. Los Kutov announced the recording link on February 6, and the recording itself appeared on the Ukrainian Internet as early as February 4.

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