US Ivy League school was exposed to sexual assault scandal and was claimed $70 million, November 16th Comprehensive report, recently, Dartmouth College, one of the famous Ivy League schools in the United States, was exposed to sexual scandals. On the 15th, seven women filed a lawsuit in the federal court of New Hampshire, accusing Dartmouth College of condoning and attempting to cover up the sexual abuse of three professors at the school. The seven women also claimed $70 million from Dartmouth College for this purpose.

According to reports, the three professors accused by the seven complaints were William Kelley, Paul Whalen and Todd Heatherton, both of whom had psychological and Teaching in brain science. The three men were accused of having to drink alcohol and sexually assault the seven women of the plaintiff by holding a party in the college or in their respective homes. These misconducts were praised by three professors as “the actual demonstration” in the addiction course.

Six of the seven plaintiffs disclosed their names. In their 72-page indictment, they described the details of the three professors’ sexual assault: there are professors who disagree with the students. To force him to engage in sexual intercourse with him; another professor sends an indecent photo to a female student. The prosecution also said that these professors control the resources of the laboratory, and for their education is not affected, sometimes they are forced to accept the professor’s request.

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