Venezuela, an opposition party leader, surrendered after the parade

Xinhuanet Caracas, February 18 (Reporter Xu Wei Wang Wei) Venezuela’s opposition coalition member “People will” party leader Leopold · Lopez surrendered to the government after organizing the parade on the 18th .

Lopez recently called on his supporters to follow him in Caracas on the 18th to the Ministry of the Interior. Since the Venezuelan government has repeatedly warned that the parade has not been allowed, the parade of the day will only stay in the vicinity of the Brian Square where the opposition supporters usually gather. The former opposition coalition presidential candidate Capriles participated in the parade.

After a speech at Brian Square, Lopez went to the soldiers who were guarding the square and was taken away by a government vehicle. The government has repeatedly accused Lopez of planning and organizing recent violent demonstrations and has ordered the arrest of Lopez. And Lopez insists that he is not guilty.

Venezuelan oil company workers also marched on the same day. The parade went from Venezuelan Square in Caracas to the Presidential Palace and expressed support to the Maduro government.

Tens of thousands of students from Venezuela participated in the Youth Day parade organized by the ruling and opposition parties on the 12th. During the violent clashes, three people were killed and more than 70 were injured. Subsequently, student protests continued to occur in several cities. The government accused the opposition party of being the chief culprit in the violence.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

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