Vietnam’s bird flu epidemic continues to spread. Eight outbreaks have occurred in the country.

Xinhuanet Hanoi, February 15 (Reporter Yan Jianhua, Yang Wei) The Vietnamese animal health department announced on the 15th that the H5N1 avian flu has continued to spread in Vietnam, and there are already 8 provinces in the country.

The Vietnam Animal Health Department announced on its website on the same day that it is recently located in the southern province of Vietnam, in the province of Dole, in the central part of the province of Dole, the province of Khan, the province of Quanglia, the province of Kunyu, and the southern part of the province of Jinli and Xining. The province and Long’an Province have successively outbreaks of bird flu.

Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung made an urgent essay on the 14th, informing all levels of government and relevant departments to take immediate measures to strengthen live bird testing, strictly control the spread of the epidemic, and prevent new cases of bird flu.

Since the Spring Festival, the Vietnamese epidemic prevention department has culled 30,000 infected poultry in the central provinces, of which only 5,000 poultry have been culled in the province.

In addition, the Vietnamese Ministry of Health reported that two cases of human infection with H5N1 avian influenza have occurred in Vietnam this year.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

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