Villa in the mountains

In the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico, a 750-square-meter villa is located in the mountains. This villa is called Narigua and was designed by David Pedroza. Isolated from the world, with beautiful scenery and surrounded by characteristic plants and wild animals in northern Mexico, you can enjoy 360-degree views of the surrounding scenery.

For the building, the dense surrounding woods are a major design challenge, and the horizontally growing cedar trees will cause sight Obstructed, so the designer decided to raise the house above the treetops. A gentle slope connects the bottom of all functional areas with a height difference of about 10 meters.
In order to preserve the greening status, the building plane is arranged around several old fir trees. The plane of each layer is laid out according to different design conditions.
The building as a whole consists of three different blocks. The first part is the garage and storage room, the second part is the foyer, the master bedroom and the stairs leading to the lower level, and the third part is the kitchen, service facilities and public areas. On the west side of the villa is an outdoor activity area overlooking the stunning mountain views.
The ground floor includes some refurbished furnished rooms. These rooms can be used as guest bedrooms when guests visit. This floor also consists of two semi-basements, standing on the roof and with a sweeping view of the surrounding area.

Contrary to the facade of the building, the interior is made of transparent glass, making outdoor scenery a part of everyday life. . At the same time, some traditional Mexican architectural elements such as thick walls, flat roofs and wood were also selected.
Building materials give the villa a rustic and timeless look. Here, paintings, and sculptures, traditional elements and modern furniture are perfectly combined. The other furnishings in the room are juxtaposed together, although a simple distribution can define complex images.
Coloured walls and huge glass windows blend in with the natural landscape, making it almost impossible to feel that it is a building. From a distance, it is easy to mistake this as a natural landscape formed by geological changes.
The path leading to Narigua and the low walls along the road are piled with earthy stone, in stark contrast to the mountains and trees. A stone building that is in an infinitely beautiful landscape and integrated with nature, its formation and existence must be said to be ingenious.

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