Virgo car guide: Who is the first choice for 180,000 SUV?

The zodiac is about to be transferred to the sixth house, and the month of Virgo is coming. For the savvy and savvy, the pursuit of perfection, “Virgo, any detail in life will be intolerable, how can you accept that your car has a little shortcomings? And the new Jeep guides rely on “outside” The concept of the interior of the car is impressed by the hearts of the Virgo owners & mdash; & mdash; a new Jeep guide inside and outside, and within 180,000 yuan to enjoy the version of the new Jeep guide, become the first choice for the picky Virgo.

Appearance association & radic; nitpicking & radic; Jeep guides can stand up to picky

In this “look at the face of society, Virgo as a 100%” appearance association, the value is not high Everything is free. In the era of homogenization, the new look can satisfy the more critical eyes of Virgo consumers. The Jeep Guide has a design-integrated front face shape that integrates the family’s signature new piano paint 7-hole grille, as well as a gold-scale professional-grade body design with a strong trapezoidal wheel arch that not only has a distinctive personality, but also has a strong personality. Sewage capacity, large rotating space, designed for easy family travel.

Virgo is also famous for its nitpicking, and the Jeep Guide has polished all the details to The ultimate, LED lens headlights, with bright color trim, even on the endless roads have a unique visual recognition. Throughout the characteristic line of the whole car, the upper and lower sides of the grille are integrated into one body, and the delicate chrome-plated trimming work piece is arranged to decorate the entire tail, so that the Virgo owners can enjoy the daily radiance.

Comfortable interior & radic; dynamic chassis & radic; perfect ride experience

Can you endure the bumps that pass through the potholes? You can endure driving all the way like sitting on a carousel Is it the same undulating? In order to give the Virgo car owner a perfect driving experience, the Jeep Guide is equipped with a four-wheel independent suspension + active adaptive damping system. During the driving process, the guide will automatically adjust the softness and hardness of the suspension according to the current road conditions, and filter out the bumps on the road, so that the occupants can get the driving quality comparable to the European high-end cars.

Of course, the dynamic comfort is far from enough. The interior of the Jeep Guide also uses the cockpit layout, the soft pack material with a thickness of 10 mm, and the imported first layer cowhide from McKinley from South America. The seat gives the discerning Virgo owner a meticulous touch, and whether it is short-distance or long-distance self-driving, it can get good body support and parcels.

It’s worth mentioning that compared to the new CR-V, it is like sitting on the engine. The effect is that the inside of the guide is like being in a quiet office or a quiet coffee shop. The new Jeep Guide uses five silent projects to bring a quiet cockpit of only 59.4 decibels per day in the city’s driving speed range, allowing Virgo owners to have a full range of comfort from the outside to the inside, from quiet to moving. I am afraid that the CR-V, which is only equipped with the common chassis, fabric seats, etc., as well as the disturbing noise inside the car, will make the discerning Virgo owners crazy.

Nearly 70 technical configurations & radic; 64% high-intensity body & radic; comprehensive security protection

Violation, random tangent, emergency braking … … There are always some things that you can’t predict, even if you are an old driver, you will inevitably make mistakes. In the face of these “insecure factors, the new Jeep Guide has more than 70 intelligent security configurations, and solves all the troubles carefully and professionally: When the current car suddenly brakes, the FCW front collision warning system can calmly deal with and reduce the risk of rear-end collision. When you drive carelessly and unconsciously change lanes, the lane keeping system will immediately alert you; when you change lanes, vehicles enter your blind spot and the blind spot monitoring system will respond in time. In addition, the same level of unique brake assist failure compensation, the same level of dynamic steering assistance, and a series of safe driving assistance system such as slope assist, EPB electronic parking, automatic switching of Auto High beam, let Jeep guide take you Become a super strong “technical faction.”

With regard to vehicle safety, the guide is not only visible in the technology configuration, but also in the consumer “Invisible The place. Compared with CR-V and many Japanese cars, the vehicle is too weak to build a car. The strength of the car body is relatively weak. In terms of vehicle materials and craftsmanship, the Jeep guide has no compromise. — 64% high-strength steel The rate is more than 30% of the 180,000 cars of the same class, and the 1300-1600MPa hot-formed steel, which is rare in the same class, accounts for 30% of its high-strength steel. In the Japanese SUV, there is almost no thermoformed steel above 1300Mpa. From active to passive, Jeep Guides are perfectly in control. From then on, the insecure Virgos only need to enjoy the happiness of the journey with their families, and the safety issue will be handed over to the new Jeep guide.

Powerful & Radic; Four-wheel drive √ Perfect driving experience

I want to be economically fuel-efficient in the city for 5 working days, and I want to open for 2 days on weekends. In the wild, any road conditions can be used as desired. 驭, the high requirements of Virgo are not satisfied by some SUVs that raise the chassis of the car. Jeep as 76 yearsSUV professional manufacturer, its strong power performance and professional full road capacity can be really solid, not to play with you.

The Jeep Guide offers both 1.4T and 2.4L engines, including the 1.4T Flame MultiAir2® the turbocharged engine with the king of small displacement engines. Its application makes the new Jeep The guide is half the effort. This engine can output a maximum power of about 121 kW with a displacement of only 1.4 liters, and its fuel consumption is only 7.2L per 100 kilometers. For the Virgo owners who have high requirements for power and are eager for low fuel consumption, the Jeep Guide will never let you down. Expectations.

In addition, the Jeep Guide also offers a high-performance four-wheel drive version, which is equipped with the Jeep family. Some Active Drive Low intelligent four-wheel drive systems have the only low-speed torque amplification function of the same class. In the limit state, the theoretical maximum torque of 4600N·m can be erupted, and it is easy to deal with complex road conditions. When the road is in good condition, the vehicle will drive in the pre-drive state to obtain better fuel economy. When the road conditions are more complicated, the system automatically switches to the four-wheel drive state in milliseconds to obtain better safety and absolute trust. In addition, the only Selec-Terrain® road mode self-selection system of the same class can integrate the complex settings of the engine, gearbox, and drive system, bringing the most abundant standards, sand, mud, rock, snow 5 driving modes. The vehicle owner only needs to adjust the matching of each vehicle system to the state that is most suitable for the current road condition within a few milliseconds through the knob. Sweeping the same level of professional full road capacity, so that the pursuit of perfect Virgo, in the face of various extreme road conditions, still calmly grasp the overall situation.

Faced with the rigorous and critical of Virgo, the new Jeep Guide has handed over a perfect answer, whether it is The appearance of the interior, ride comfort, safety performance or driving experience, all meet the meticulous pursuit of the Virgo owners. Now in the eyes of this Virgo, the perfect model has a purchase tax subsidy that lasts until the end of the year. All models can get a 2.5% tax rate reduction. Now, the guide can save more than 4,200 yuan, no matter how much the car owners are. You can rest assured that the new Jeep Guide is a professional-grade SUV for the new middle-class family. With real product strength and high value, you can have a family and friends, poetry and distance.

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