Water pollution into the household water purifiers

[ is ] air pollution, water pollution, land pollution and contamination do not know what the future contamination of questions that people have more and more, and the water is everyone’s everyday life, the most important substance, people can not eat a few days but not without water, nourishing all things, all things are without water, water is the wisdom, the symbol of the spirit of struggle, but also a symbol of wealth.

water pollution

However, with the current continuous improvement of living standards, science and technology continues to develop, now has become the original mountains of Bald Mountain sewage. Now health problem of water has been placed high. The growing problem of groundwater pollution, secondary pollution, urban water, old water pipes, rust and so on, all threats to our drinking water health.

entered every household water purifiers

with the entered every household water purifiers, many families are increasingly concerned about what kind of water purifiers purify water healthy water. According to World Health Organization standards represented seven good water: 1, does not contain any weakly alkaline (7.0-8.0) 3 on the smell and harmful substances 2, PH value, body minerals, trace element content ratio 4 is moderate, moderate water hardness (as calcium carbonate of between 50-200mg / L) 5, moderate dissolved oxygen in water (not less than 7mg / L) 6, a small water molecules (nuclear magnetic demi width less than 100Hz) ; 7, physiological function, stronger water (including dissolution, penetration, proliferation, metabolism, emulsifying power, detergency, etc.), an unsolicited runoff meet two conditions, water can be said to be safe. However, China is not able to say tap water is healthy water.

Therefore, in order to safe drinking water as well as your family’s sake, the home should be equipped with some of the best water treatment equipment, such as: water softener, spring home machines. Install a home water purifier, bring healthy drinking water for you and your family.

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