Water purifier business into marketing mode, "new retail" into a new direction

In recent years, shared economic tide, many companies have to change the marketing model, in line with the shared mode, where there are some companies test the water purifier. When people are thought to share water purifier to become a new direction when a “new retail” Ma was not always made the mound, people grasping not mind.
In fact shared water purifiers failed to achievement, “Generosity”, not without reason, the following small series according to their own understanding of the reasons to talk with everybody.
First, determine the effect of the water purifier range
The purpose is the purification of water, to restore the water to a standard drink. From the use of point of view, more like a home water purification natural gas, does not meet the shared lease business model, did not achieve the effect of improving the efficiency of use. Only drinking water health-conscious people will buy water purification equipment, and permanent use.
Second, users regard as a water purifier using fixed appliances
to flourish throughout the water industry already explained: more users are increasingly accepting water purifier. Since the home is a private space, water purifier unit price most can accept, people are more inclined to buy. The commercial machine has been able to flourish because in public places, businesses considered more of a cost cheaper than bottled water.
Most of the people still inside the water purifier as common household appliances, the time of the initial purchase, only symbolic ask how long after the initial installation can be used. To replace the filter tips of the day will produce cost-conscious, or even luck, “more a period of time is also all right,” dragged on for years or even change the filter.
Third, the “new retail” conforms to the development trend of the times, to better cater to consumers’ tastes. “
We first look at the” new retail “in the end” new “Where?
is different from traditional new retail retail, it is web-based, through the use of new technologies, big data and artificial intelligence application methods, the retail model of integration and logistics to get through online and offline. Now the water purification industry and other appliances, like the line has a lot of “experience store” to getting consumer contact with the product, the best way to understand the product; and electricity supplier in recent years, the sudden emergence of the store to make deep water purifier hit, so that enterprises have to think about the way online and offline and common development. Through the “store + Internet” approach is more conducive to open up markets, so as to become a new outlet of the moment.
Fourth, affecting the role of water industry giants
sharing economy did not causeExcessive water industry “big brother” of concern, but in between some small waves of water purification business, it is difficult to set off large waves. The “new retail” put forward by the “Ali Baba” and the first use of the horse always, caused quite a stir. Today, various water industry “boss” also have tested the water in, water industry as “new retail” rise, but also played a role in fueling.
More and more companies focus on online marketing mix + line under the
In fact, regardless of future changes in the wind industry, water purification, water purification company did not forget the early heart, adhere to quality is the key. When a company has a good reputation and the reputation, even if wind industry change happen again, “the foundation” solid, it will not fall, and can adapt to the new wind mouth in a short time.

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