Water purifier rental sales model to promote the rise of the popularity of water purifier

[ is ] water purifier rental sales model has become mainstream in South Korea: “After pay less than 600 yuan as a deposit, every month to spend $ 60, you can enjoy home cleaning every three months, replace the filter service, this deposit will be returned to you after three years. ” This model makes the Korean water purifier penetration rate of 60%. With this model lease, Korea has in the past 20 years of rapid development, from the 1990s, annual sales of 40,000 units, to 1.9 million units in 2013 domestic sales, export 300,000 units, the market size of up to 2 trillion won, accounting water purifier market around seventy percent.

water purifier rental sales model to promote the rise of the popularity of water purifiers (Photo from Internet)

rental through Korea’s unique cultural popularity of TV shopping, small enterprises to tap into the water purifier market, after previously dominating the market and clear lake Howe’s market share slipped to respectively 30% and 10%. Beijing proximal segment of the emergence of a phenomenon: appliance rental in the capital, “80”, “90” The rise in population, particularly in water purifiers, air purifiers such appliances are popular, worthy of our attention.

advance to “try” customer-oriented

many brands on the market, I do not know how to tell when consumers buy. More importantly, I do not know what kind of water purification equipment for their own use, and a large water purification supplies, the cost of one year to replace the filter needs a thousand dollars. So there is a business launch attempt early service, so that consumers leasing product trials.

In addition, the newly renovated main customers come from the customer, “80”, “90” majority. They chose more popular appliances water purifier, air purifier maintenance of such relatively high cost of product per year. For example, a water purifier, to pay 280 yuan installation fee, one year’s rent was six or seven hundred. And if the same to buy a water purifier, a year to replace the filter costs are a thousand dollars. The second year to help promote the free use of electrical appliances rental companies that can solve brand communication and inventory cash flow problems, but also to meet the consumer demand for products “poor quality” requirements “cheap”.

In short, the first year of the lease fee of electrical use, is probably the cost of deposit products account for 5-8 fold, 1.5 fold annual rent for the products; and the second year, customers in CantonLeasing application using the report under the cooperation. In other words, customers can micro-channel, microblogging, from the media to promote other ways to help the promotion of brands promotion, you can avoid the use of rent. For example, a water purifier lease, can be installed using the deposit. Late on a regular basis each year using the micro-channel circle of friends to help manufacturers forwarding soft, you can avoid the use of rent in the second year.

basis having the appearance of damaged parts price compensation

in the course of household appliances, worn inevitable, “If I rent a faulty electrical appliances in use, how to distinguish between the responsibility?” In this regard, an official said, the general appearance of the product appear damage, defined as man-made damage, “man-made damage, we ask the customer to compensation in accordance with parts prices.” the human damage have factory maintenance, parts costs borne by manufacturers, customers need the expense of home maintenance manual. “Our rent-hand appliances are new products, quality is guaranteed, damage situation is still relatively rare.” The official stressed.

water purification equipment rental promotion, after all, a road to another way of sales, in other areas, leasing has become an important sales model, it has even entered the field of financial leasing. If the lease can be successfully implemented water purifier, not only to expand the popularity of water purifier, but also reduces the cost of consumer use. Can the same pattern as the Korean market, so that patterns become normalized, we will wait and see!

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