Water purifier to buy the store and shop which is good

In recent years, the most popular in the industry, a second row of online shopping, and nobody first row. Now about nearly 80% of people are choosing to buy online, almost all goods can be bought on the Internet, is no exception. The water purifier is the kind of semi-finished goods, follow-up service accounted for nearly 40% of its value. Suitable for online purchase water purifier it? It is more reliable than buying it? We can look at more than double in both entities.

Compare prices
in the online shopping experience, you will be aware, the net purchase price is affordable, cheap. This is no doubt. Just for water purifiers, the same brand of the same model of water purifier, the net purchase price difference between the purchase and the store at least 500 yuan or so. A difference of more upscale, the price difference of 1,000 yuan are likely. Of course, the high price of the store is also justified, because the store’s overhead costs as well as a variety store is much higher than the shop, while others belong to the shop factory direct sales, the price advantage is more obvious.

quality comparison
in sharing the front post, I have been advocating that you buy brands and authentic, as long as we buy is authentic, quality will be as good with the purchase of the store, but everyone is worried online buy knockoff. In the domestic price list Daquan there for everyone to recommend a lot of regular brand stores and flagship stores, you can rest assured purchase.

sale contrast
This is similar to the previous point, as long as we buy are genuine water purifiers, water purifiers sale are all brand Genius, such as the United States water purifiers, etc. , we receive water purifier, which will be accompanied by a form of Genius.

online shopping unique advantages
In order to protect the quality of online shopping, the state has introduced legislation net purchases of goods are entitled to seven days unconditional refund, enjoy online shopping right regrets. With seven days free return, we will no longer have to worry about the physical and picture and description of the situation is inconsistent and who can not return there, from this perspective, seven days free return of law but also to promote the further development of online shopping.

A further disadvantage of online shopping – can not get the goods immediately, requires waiting 2 or three days, but I think part of long-term use of the water purifier, do not care to wait a day or two. In the end is to choose online shopping or in-store purchase, here depends everyone of their choice, although Bin He is also a small series of online shopping madman!

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