Water purifiers have to say the insider, the agent must-see

With the progress of national development, the worsening of the Earth’s ecosystem, environmental pollution is extremely serious, often caused by water pollution incidents have been reported in the major media. The birth of water purification products of good drinking water to protect people’s health. There is a demand market, with the heat rising, more and more agents and entrepreneurs are beginning to target this sunrise industry expect from a slice. A lot of people want to invest in a water purifier nothing more than to see the winners bright side, behind their success without knowing how much to pay to stick with sweat, in fact, the road is not easy and requires a lot of methods and precautions. Here, the well-known German brand is according to their years of experience in the market summary analysis water purification agents joined the four taboos, will join investors want to help provide a reference.

1, short-sighted

Some people want to do water purifier that can use their own resources, but these own resources are limited, after use do not know how to do it, I do not want to do it. Such agents can only make a little money, if it is pre-bought some goods from, plus store decoration, it may not make money or lose money; now some rivers and lakes will be doing marketing, road shows sales of water purifiers. Guerilla warfare, shot for a place, just want to earn some money and ran early, so not only can not make money, there may be significant risks, now convenient network information, consumers are rational, not a good sale pre-sales, sales, after-sales service, the consumer is difficult to recognize, just want to go fishing one of 80% of investors do not make money or lose money.

2, opportunistic

Some people want to do, but do not want to invest money, sleight of hand tricks with the method, a simple understanding of water purifier brand, and then alone, or a mouth an information, it is recommended to all who know the water purifier, others ordered to pay a deposit and then shipped from the factory water purifier, water purification agents to do so can only make a little money, if it did not find the factory, you can not earn money or lose money.

3, blindly choose

choice than to choose wrong, trying in vain efforts, Chinese saying goes, “Men fear the wrong, women are afraid to marry the wrong husband,” if you blind the wrong water purifier brand, he’ll just lose money. Then you enter the “struggle” state. You may not sell goods six months, you temporarily lose money is normal. Of course, some continue to think of ways to findMethod, maybe you have the opportunity to meet Bin He purifier manufacturers, may give you provide relevant programs or sales techniques, methods, procedures, and may give you the training, provide personnel to help, so that you lose money to make money from the huge change.

4, marketing passive

Some water purification agents, had insufficient funds, and no effective resources available, not hard, opened a water purifier store, every day and so do the customers come to buy, if you are so, you will not last long “close their doors.” Such a water purifier dealers losing money is a normal phenomenon possible. If we are able to make money this way, China’s billionaires are numerous, and China’s economy would have to catch up with the United States. To remind that: whatever you do, in order to make money, it must be hard, hard work keep in mind that the efforts may not succeed, but do not work hard must not be successful even fail

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