What are the advantages of integrated wall? How much is the integrated wall?

Integrated wall decoration is a new type of wall decoration material, and it is now more popular decoration. One of the methods, but most users are still relatively new to him, the following small series brings you the advantages of integrated wall decoration and how much integrated wall Learn about the money, let’s get to know it!

I. What are the advantages of integrated wall decoration?

1, heat preservation, heat insulation

Integrated wall decoration is made of special materials, which can isolate the outside world in summer. The effect is that winter can store heat.

2, soundproofing

The sound insulation effect of the integrated wall can reach 29 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound insulation effect of a wall.


After testing by the national authority, the fire level of the integrated wall can reach B1 level, which fully meets the engineering fire protection requirements.

4, super hardness

Integrated wall made of high temperature pressed bamboo fiber, with high strength and hardness, can adapt to any wall Use of the body.

5, waterproof, moisture-proof

Integrated wall surface is waterproof and moisture-proof due to its special material, and can also adapt to the wet weather in the south. use.

6, green

integrated wall material is environmentally friendly material, the room is installed, can be checked in immediately.

7, easy to install

Integrated wall surface using traditional gusset mounting method, even ordinary woodworking can be installed, labor saving, province Time and space.

8, easy to scrub without deformation

The surface of the integrated wall decoration can be directly scrubbed, and it also has the function of no deformation and no aging.

9, fashion space

Integration The wall can be applied with versatility, and can be directly combined with buckle, spelling, docking, etc.

10, save space

integrated wall decoration can directly Mounting on the wall with screws can save space by at least 5~10 cm.

Second, how much is the integrated wall decoration

The above question asked the small and medium editors to introduce the relevant knowledge of the advantages of integrated wall decoration, then let us understand the price of integrated wall decoration.

Examples of 100 ordinary units with decorative area:

Environmental integrated wall unit price: 150~400 yuan/square (including installation fee)

Minimum budget price: 100 square * 2 faces * 150 yuan / square meter = 30000 yuan

Maximum budget price: 100 square * 2 faces * 400 yuan / square meter = 80,000 yuan

and thus we can know the set Wall decoration of the total price, the general area of ​​about 100 flat units, integrated effect of wall decoration in price between 3-8 million, according to the level used in the determination of cost, the higher the cost the better decorative effect.

小编小结:Integrated wall decoration is still very delicate overall, with the effect of fine decoration, and the use is a bit very much. For the above information about the advantages of integrated wall decoration and the related content of how to integrate the wall, you can refer to it.

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