What are the advantages of machine vision inspection system?

The surface flaw of industrial products seriously affects the quality of the product itself. How to avoid surface defects for quality control has always been the biggest problem faced by manufacturers. Traditional manual testing is not only expensive, but also easy for testers to fatigue and easy to leak. Checking for other drawbacks, but it is also difficult to adapt to high-speed production systems, knowing that the application of intelligent vision detection in the industry provides a new solution for surface flaw detection.

The current machine vision inspection system condenses many advanced technology applications in the field of machine vision inspection systems manufacturers, and quickly incorporates innovative inspection concepts. According to the automatic loading and unloading and automatic rejection mechanism, the division of work can be realized. Single station detection. Therefore, this can be applied to the automotive, electronics and other industries, we have also been widely used in the production process of glass cover, mobile phones, notebooks, tablets, electronic accessories and other products in the automated production process.

Machine Vision Detecting Images and System Advantages:

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