What are the advantages of open kitchen design?

Everyone has different opinions and ideas about the decoration of the house. In terms of the decoration of the kitchen, some people like the open kitchen design, while others prefer the closed kitchen. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Today, Qi Jia Xiaobian will talk to you about the advantages of open kitchen design, open kitchen design considerations, let’s get to know it!

What are the advantages of open kitchen design

It can make efficient use of space such as the ground and walls, adding some Partitions, wall cabinets or floor cabinets can add a lot of storage to the kitchen and don’t take up too much space. In addition, the open kitchen can make the whole house look more spacious and bright, and the cooks will be more convenient when cooking.

Open kitchen design essentials

1, cabinet design should be consistent with the kitchen

It refers to the cabinet’s sheet, color, style design, etc. have to be in harmony with the style of the entire cooking space. Or you can choose to make a whole kitchen so that the kitchen can be better decorated.

2, it is convenient to use

In the open kitchen, the table layout is generally close to the kitchen, so we should pay attention to the kitchen. The walking space must be wide enough so that we can be more convenient and not crowded when entering and leaving the kitchen.

3. Ventilation design is better

In this type of space design, soot is a very important issue. Chinese cooking methods produce more fumes. If you want to make an open kitchen, then the range hood must choose a smoke machine with good oil absorption and high power. In addition, we have to ensure that the kitchen is well ventilated, so that the open kitchen has no excessive smoke smell, and we will not enter the living room during cooking.

4, increase storage space

For an open kitchen, it should look cleaner and neat, so that the whole The house looks more beautiful. For items such as pots and pans, we should not put them all out. We can add some hanging cabinets and floor cabinets to ensure the aesthetics of the kitchen and to meet the storage needs of these items.


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