What are the knowledge and skills of the package door purchase?

In modern home decoration, the door is inseparable. The door is a new type of interior door that is commonly used. Compared with other interior doors, the biggest advantage of the door is that it sells the door cover, door frame, door leaf and other components, which will make the consumer install the set. The door has become extremely convenient. So what are the skills we have when purchasing the set door? Next, Xiaobian will introduce you to the knowledge of the kit door purchase knowledge. Let’s take a look.

What are the knowledge acquisition skills for the package?

1, look at the package door Style and color. When choosing a set door, we should first consider the style and color of the door, and whether it is in harmony with the interior decoration style and color tone. If the decoration of the home is simple, choose a simple and elegant style. If it is delicate, choose a light and elegant style of the door. Of course, this is still based on personal preference.

2, look at the surface and workmanship of the suit door . After choosing the color and style of the door, we also need to look at the surface treatment of the door. Because the treatment of the surface directly determines the production process of the door, the simplest method is to touch the hand with good quality, the surface is smooth and the hand feel is very good.

3, look at the materials used in the suite door and Test Report. The materials used in the door can be checked by the relevant qualifications of the manufacturer, and then compared with the relevant industry standards to see if it is complete and true. Many consumers will ignore this, but in fact, this is very important and can avoid buying. product.

4. Look at the brand of the suit door. It is recommended to buy furniture with a big brand priority, because these brands will have a dedicated after-sales service team, and will promise to return the package within one year. For small businesses, the after-sales aspect is relatively incomplete, and when the product has problems, it will be difficult to solve.

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