What are the selection methods for the ceiling Yuba?

Yuba is installed in every household, but the type of installation is different. The ceiling Yuba is the most common nowadays, and now people like it more. This kind of Yuba is also divided into brands. When buying, everyone is better to master. The selection of skills, then what is the selection method of the ceiling Yuba? The following small series will introduce you to everyone.
Sucking bath selection method

1. Packaging and accessories. The products of regular manufacturers are smooth and smooth, and the graphic printing is exquisite and clear. The products are equipped with accessories such as switch board, junction box and exhaust vent; the product package contains instructions, certificate and safety manual. Its Yuba accessories are complete.

2. Mask. The quality of the mask is critical to the function of the Yuba. The high-quality mask is not only moderate in thickness, but also has a smooth surface and high temperature resistance and high flame retardant rating. Such as a Yuba, the use of the United States General Electric Company’s plastic materials, can withstand the high temperature of 200 ° C, which is generally comparable to the use of PPO, ABS plastic products.

3. Highlight the decorative Yuba. The Yuba is installed on the ceiling of the bathroom, and the thickness of the Yuba has changed a lot, and the decoration does not take up too much space. There are even Yuba products, even in appearance, color, and a modern atmosphere, so that the highly decorative Yuba is full of natural beauty.

4. Heating the lights. The infrared quartz radiant heats the bulb as a heat source, and the room air is heated by direct radiant heating, without preheating, the heat is adjustable, the heat effect is concentrated, and a wide range of heating effects can be obtained in an instant. Due to the quality of the materials, some manufacturers have poor explosion-proof performance and low thermal efficiency. Some brands use quartz hard glass, save electricity, and have been subjected to strict explosion-proof and service life tests, which are relatively reliable.

5. Lighting. When using Yuba for a long time, strong light will cause light pollution, so use a soft light bulb. Some products use GE (US General Electric), PHILIPS (Philips), OSRAN (Osram, Germany) and other brands of lighting, soft lighting, long service life.
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