What color is good for the wooden floor? Is your house the right choice?

wood flooring has a good decorative effect on the interior, so it is very good in color selection. The key is that if you choose an inappropriate color, it will make the whole home environment very difficult to see. What is the color of wood flooring?? Let’s take a look at the small series to see if your home is right.

Which color is selected for the wooden floor 1. See the floor area

The color of the wooden floor should be selected, first of all, depending on the size of the apartment How much, because color is very important for the entire home decoration, can create different visual effects. For example, the warm color is brighter, the effect of the line of sight is wider, and the cool color is darker, which makes the space more forceful. Therefore, a small area can choose a lighter color system. If the size of the apartment is large, you can choose a darker system.

Wood What color is good for the floor 2, see room lighting

Then the color choice of the wooden floor is also closely related to the brightness of the room. Many times we will find that there is a gap between the color and the actual laying effect when buying. It is not because the merchant gives you the wrong goods, but The light in the mall is very good, it is easy to misjudge the floor color. If the room is not lit, it is best not to choose the dark wood floor

What color is good for wood flooring? 3.See overall decoration

The room is about the overall coordination, so the color of the floor should match the color of the wall. The color of the two is similar. And the color of the furniture should be similar to the color. If you like black walnut furniture, you can choose the brown big fruit arana, the master birch and other floors, the yellow furniture is suitable for the oak floor, and the white furniture is more It is versatile, whether it is gray floor, brown floor or teak floor.

Wood What color is good for the floor? 4, see the room function

The choice of floor color should also look at the function of this room. Different functional areas have matching colors, just like the bedroom can choose warm-tone floor, neutral color floor, etc., which can set off a quiet sleeping environment. If it is a children’s room, entertainment room, etc., it can be matched with some jumping color floor, which is more energetic.

What color is good for wood flooring? 5.Look at the decoration style

Wood floor color should pay special attention to the interior decoration style. If it is a rustic style decoration, you can choose the floor with light color of eucalyptus, maple, etc. If it is a Chinese style decoration, you can match it. The color of the dark, brown, brown, etc. floor is more stable.

What color is good for wood flooring? 6.Look at the age of the owner

For different ages, the color they are suitable for is different. Like young people, they like simple and fashionable, so you can choose some floors with elegant colors and textures. More warm and literary.

Edit Summary: The above is about Wood floor selection Good color Introduction, different rooms are suitable for different colors of the floor, people of different ages have a preference for the floor, so we have to choose according to the above circumstances, I hope to give you some reference.

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