What happens to the cabinet with a layer of aluminum foil?

As one of the important storage items in the kitchen, cabinets play an important role in improving the kitchen experience. I often hear people say that a layer of aluminum foil can be laid under the cabinet. Is this all the more, is it really practical? let’s figure it out together.
You may be wondering why the cabinets are covered with a layer of aluminum foil. What is the statement? In fact, the main role of aluminum foil paper is moisture-proof and waterproof! When the cabinet encounters water, it will become moldy and swell, and it will rot under severe conditions. The aluminum foil paper is generally installed under the sink cabinet, which can effectively isolate the water leakage and water vapor under the water tank, and achieve waterproof effect and delay service life. .

Some people will think that this is a lot of work, my family is not posted, the cabinet is still used well! In fact, the most fundamental reason is the plate used in different cabinets. If the cabinet is made of ecological board or multi-layer board, it has a good waterproof function. The tin foil is just a icing on the cake, and there is no problem if it is not laid. However, in addition to the waterproof function, the laminated aluminum foil can be easily cleaned. Wipe gently with a rag. There are no aluminum foil cabinets, and the bottles and jars in the kitchen will be more or less left with print marks. It can be hard to wipe.

Of course, avoiding the scratching of the cabinet panel is also the main function of the aluminum foil. After all, the cabinet wood is easy to rub with the furniture when it is used. When the aluminum foil is laid, it is equal to the formation. A protective film and a film on the surface of the phone are also a principle.

How to install aluminum foil? It is usually laid before assembly, or it can be installed after completion. If the cabinets in the home have been used for a long time, the interior of the cabinets has long been mottled, and it can be cleaned and then covered with aluminum foil. To a certain extent, to prevent further deterioration, of course, there is also aesthetics.

So, if the home is being renovated, you can consider installing aluminum foil in advance in this way, because the decoration is always better for your future life. If you pay attention to the quality of the cabinet at the beginning, you can A lot of trouble for the future life.
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