What is the difference between wood grain and wood floor?

Imitation wood grain can not only be easily matched with the main space such as living room, bedroom, corridor, etc. Even if it is a balcony, kitchen, or even a bathroom, which is not suitable for paving wooden floor, it can be replaced by wood-like brick. . So, what is the difference between wood grain and wood floor?
   1, price comparison

   The price of solid wood flooring on the market is generally four or five hundred yuan per square, the composite floor is relatively low price, but the price is too low Products generally contain a large amount of formaldehyde, which is not conducive to the healthy use of consumers. The price of wood grain bricks is much lower than that of wood floors. According to the introduction, the terminal price of general wood grain bricks is about 100-150 yuan per square meter. Wood grain bricks have a long service life and can be used for more than ten or twenty years after being laid. However, careful use of wood flooring in the later stage may only last for ten years and eight years, and the maintenance cost is high.

   With the current awareness of environmental protection, the real solid wood things will be more and more restricted in the future, and the cost will be higher and higher, which means that the cost of wood flooring will only rise. Will drop. This has also led to the future competition between wood flooring and wood grain bricks. The price of wood flooring will become more and more expensive, and those with strong spending power can continue to choose. For the second and third tier markets, wood grain bricks can be widely used.

   2, pattern modeling contrast

   wood flooring has natural wood texture: solid wood flooring has less pattern, natural texture It also makes it look like a color difference.

   Wood-grained brick pattern is rich in style: Imitation wood grain brick can realize a variety of patterns, shapes and color characteristics, and there are many types of varieties that can be selected by consumers, therefore, regardless of At home, if you want to choose the type of style to match the ground, you can choose the right sample in the imitation wood grain brick. In terms of types, imitation wood grain bricks are also divided into porcelain glaze, glazed matte, glazed semi-polished, glazed polished, flat, concave and convex, etc. Different, therefore, consumers are more abundant in the choice of style and texture.

   3, maintenance care comparison

   wood floor maintenance trouble: because the home wood floor can create a good indoor natural atmosphere and The comfort features have become a common building material for home use. Although wood flooring is most suitable for use in ordinary home interiors, its durability is weak and its short life span makes many people worry about it.

   Wood-grained bricks are well-maintained: The imitation wood-grained bricks are mainly made of ceramic tiles as the main raw material, and special craftsmanship is used to create a tiled texture and texture of the wood floor. In contrast, imitation wood grain bricks have no natural texture and soft and comfortable foot feeling, but their special qualities of wear resistance, water resistance, environmental protection and easy care are welcome by many consumers.

   Features of wood-like glazed tiles.

   Imitation wood glazed tile is a ceramic glazed tile with natural wood texture pattern decoration effect, which has the characteristics of long-lasting wear-resistant glaze, easy to clean without stains, and There is a luxurious and elegant temperament of solid wood flooring. The dark brown wood grain looks more restrained and expresses a natural beauty.

   The surface of the floor tile is clear and realistic, not only natural, but also touched or barefoot. The touch is real and the fine wood grain can bring good anti-slip effect. The surface adopts high-definition digital printing technology, which directly reduces the waste of raw materials such as glaze in the excavation and firing process through the ink utilization rate of up to 98%, which greatly reduces the damage of the ceramic tile to the production environment.

   The imitation wood grain glazed tile not only has a similar surface pattern to the wooden floor, but even the overall size is almost similar, which is very different from the ordinary square imitation wood grain floor tile, so it gives It feels more real. And the thickness of 10mm can bring good bearing capacity to glazed tiles with small area.

   Imitation wood grain glazed tiles not only have the characteristics of glazed wear and easy to clean, but also have a good anti-slip effect brought by clear and realistic wood grain. This floor tile is suitable for the appearance and touch of solid wood flooring, but due to the limitation of the home environment, it has to be used by people who use tiles. The price per square meter is about 220 yuan, which is more expensive than ordinary laminate flooring, but it does not need to be taken care of. Use it with ease and peace of mind.
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