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Ten years ago, if you followed Ma Yun to do the Internet, then you must have at least several hundred million assets today. But at that time, people ignored the development of technology, did not believe that the Internet would subvert the entire industry, people only believe in the difference between the profit of opening a physical store. There are millions of people who feel great. Now, look at these companies, millions of dollars have already been spent, and the Internet is already being eliminated.

推广 Promotion System ♻

Consumers are partners (bonus system):

1 Take 100% of the peaches for your own consumption.

2Share 50% of the peaches that others have consumed.

3You can become a business partner by spending 398 yuan package products (share members at each level, in addition to taking the team’s joining bonuses and long-term consumption of peaches, pipe revenues)

4 Entrepreneurship partners recommend entrepreneurial partners to receive 1,000 peaches.

5 Directly promote 5 entrepreneurial partners, and the team will be upgraded to a dream partner with 30 people.

6 Dream Partner Recommendations Venture partners receive 2,000 peaches.

7 Dream partners enjoy the umbrella. The winners recommended by the entrepreneurial partners are 1000 peaches.

8 Dream partners enjoy the umbrella. The winners recommended by the dream partner are 200 peaches.

9 direct pushes have 5 dream partners, and the team has over 1,000 people to upgrade to star partners.

10 Star Partner Recommendations Venture partners receive 2,500 peaches.

11 Star Partners Enjoy Umbrella Under the umbrella of the entrepreneurial partner recommended 1,500 peaches.

12 Star Partners Enjoy Umbrella Under the umbrella of the Dream Partner’s recommended prize 500 peaches.

13 Star Partners Enjoy Under the Umbrella Stars recommended by the star partners for 100 peaches.

The role of peach:

1 Dividend attribute: according to the honey held Peach proportion participates in the profit distribution of the platform.

2 Equity attributes: Peach holders will become shareholders written on the blockchain.

3 value-added attributes: Peach can enjoy the appreciation space brought by the development of the platform.

4 Property rights: The company cannot tamper with, cannot be revoked, and cannot be recovered.

5 Circulation attributes: Users can choose to transfer to the company at 1:0.1 yuan,

or freely circulate with each other.

The company’s strategic planning: online development period & rarr; offline development period & rarr; integration listing period

2018 target: 2 million shop owners, turnover of 5 billion

2019 target: 5 million shop owners with a turnover of 30 billion

2020 target: 10 million shop owners with a turnover of 100 billion

Consumers have changed the trend of the times and have a slogan.

Are you ready?

Officially opened on May 20!!!!!

On April 11th, World WeChat Conference Xiaotaotao announced Xiaomi Tao Project

The conference was launched on May 20.

At the end of June, Xiaomi Tao went to the international trading market

In July, China’s second legal digital currency trading center was listed in Hangzhou, and Xiaomi Tao became a group of companies

Opening the Global Partnership at the end of July

In October, Xiaomi Tao 2.0 was officially released, and the new retail plan was officially launched.

December Xiaomi Tao Commendation Conference, Tourism Conference

Team Strength

Our team’s daily training is complete and detailed, allowing each agent to be small White quickly became a big coffee!

First. We have a strong gold medal instructor group;

second. We have our own dedicated news promotion platform,

third. Join all members of our team to enjoy the promotion policy,

Fourth. The team’s two sessions a day make it easy for you to make big coffee,

fifth. The team backed up to hold more than 3,000 network promotion companies to lay the foundation, and help each member to do it. We are the support that all the micro-business teams can’t give. Learn more, please join us, all the support policies of our team let us You develop a lot, teach you how to post on Baidu, and search on the dog. Xiaomi Tao official docking WeChat: QQ9968134

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