What should I do with the damage on the laminate floor?

First, against stubborn fouling

For qualified laminate flooring, stubborn stains can be easily removed with a damp rag due to its skin-resistant surface properties. For floors with a solid surface, it is a little difficult to handle. For example, if the surface of the paint or wood structure is damaged during the treatment, a maintenance agent or repairing agent is needed to repair the surface wound.

Second, handle lifting or falling off

For individual positions to pick up or fall off, first distinguish whether it is a product quality problem or Later caused by man. A large amount of product or contact with water for a long time will cause the water to be partially lifted. The water should be quickly dried and the window should be ventilated to reduce the humidity in the room, and the product will have different degrees of deformation recovery. If it is lifted or peeled off due to external force, the repair of laminate flooring and multi-layer parquet should be determined according to the degree of damage. Solid wood flooring and three-layer solid wood flooring can be repaired with special repairing agent due to the thicker surface wood. In the normal use of such problems, it is best to get in touch with the manufacturer who sells the floor, and the professional will operate after the cause of the problem is identified.

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Three, choose cleaning and maintenance products

Laminate flooring does not require any cleaning or maintenance of daily chemical products. For flooring with solid wood flooring, what kind of daily chemical products should be selected according to the surface treatment process, such as surface layer It is a paint surface treatment, and it is necessary to choose a maintenance agent containing paint ingredients; if the surface layer is treated with natural oils, it is necessary to select a maintenance agent containing vegetable oil ingredients. It is best to use the cleaning and maintenance products sold by the floor manufacturer. Recently, there are many sales. Unscrupulous manufacturers who clean and maintain daily chemical products often use the floor manufacturer’s banner to make phone calls or door-to-door product sales. Consumers must check with the floor manufacturer to avoid being cheated or to damage the floor without claiming a door.


As long as it is not specially treated by hand, the laminate flooring with natural properties of wood can not be in contact with water in large quantities, because one of the natural properties of wood is easy to absorb and swell and can only be used. Twisted dry, A rag with a small amount of moisture is used to wipe the tool.

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