Which of the bamboo flooring and wooden flooring is better? How to choose bamboo flooring is the best?

The current type of flooring on the market, the floor made of pure natural materials, only solid wood flooring and bamboo flooring, in today’s advocating nature and ‘green decoration’, from the perspective of health and environmental protection, home decoration decoration is the best The material is still a natural product. So, is the bamboo floor good or the wooden floor good? Bamboo flooring is better than wooden flooring in the same quality.

1. Abrasion resistance: The abrasion resistance of the floor mainly depends on the hardness of the surface material. Bamboo is the hardest type in the plant, and has high abrasion resistance. It is the same as other types of flooring, and intuitive wear resistance. Mainly depends on the wear resistance of the surface paint. Composite wood flooring and laminate flooring add aluminum oxide on the surface, and the wear resistance is large. The wear resistance of the solid wood flooring depends on the wear resistance of the surface paint.

2. Compression resistance and distortion: bamboo is a coarse fiber structure, straight fiber arrangement, not easy to produce distortion and deformation, its flexural strength can reach about 1300 kg / cm3, generally wood floor 2-3 times, the tensile and compressive properties of bamboo flooring are comparable to steel and cement. The moisture treatment of the bamboo floor is less uniform and less than the wooden floor, and the dry shrinkage coefficient is low. The wood floor fibers are intricately arranged and are easily twisted and deformed. After the wooden floor and the bamboo floor were soaked for 24 hours with water, the expansion deformation rate of the wooden floor was twice that of the bamboo floor.

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