Which tile style do you like?

Tiles are more than just a tone, it is everywhere from the inside out.

So far, the main eye is still in the decorationcep The appearance, as well as other some styles. In this style, multiple patterns are combined to form a layered cohesion effect.

monochrome brick

Gray, white and black are still the more popular first three colors of floor tiles and wall tiles (press This order is arranged, and Glag (grey-beige) is close behind, depending on the design inspiration of the series. The only difference is that in the wood slab series, the classic wood tones still dominate.

In the past two years, the ocean’s blue, pine green and blue Green has always been stable. The key tones in 2018 are denim blue (from steel blue to deep and saturated dyed indigo) and deep bottle or British racing green.

Love thick plate

At present, most manufacturers say their best-selling products are thick plates. This seems to be a cliché in most global markets, as it is in North America, where design and architecture are largely local wood features.

Interestingly, elements such as stone and metal were made on the slab Great success. North America likes 8 x 36 inches of thick plates. The high-end market prefers longer 48-inch boards.

Undecorated Edge Tiles

In recent years, North America has trended away from the edge being corrected in all appearances, except 12 ×36 inches or larger of traditional marble and flowing textured wall tiles. On the other hand, the luxury market tends to choose a seamless look, rather than considering advanced installation costs.

Installation costs seem to be a key factor in the transition to traditionally calibrated (non-corrected) tiles . This also opened the door for the rural wind that returned strongly in the 1990s.

retro style

This year, the strong local flavor and weathering atmosphere are weakening, giving more to the retro style and handmade. From woods, stones to glazed pottery and Kotos, on the whole, it The impression is a long-term care and thoughtfulness, not a kind of sorrow and hardship. The peeled, lacquered woods have become softer, showing a smooth sanding effect, ceramics have A variety of glossy glazes, subtle metallic textures and a variety of finishes to deepen the overall beauty.

glazed mix and match style

So far, the more intense style is still the appearance of the wrapped cement, in which various patterns are mixed together to form a layered, cohesive appearance. Most of these styles are 8× 8-inch traditional style, but decorative art-style tiles also account for a large part.

The other direction of this year’s Art Deco is biased towards the delicate texture of damask or lace patterns, and is influenced by design elements such as paper and textiles. This year, I also returned to many minimalist collections, either as a superposition or as a model for the same color scheme.

In contrast, the small format is still a strong choice for wall tiles thanks to the increasing popularity of subway tiles. The more popular size is 8 x 8 inches (considering the strength of traditional tiles) This is not surprising), 6 x 12 inches and 4 x 30 inches.

Thin board

This relatively new detail The sub-market continues to heat up, especially to reduce the grouting of bathroom and kitchen countertops. The market is gradually adapting to this material and is becoming more and more popular at the point of sale.

Elegant and solemn retro style is more popular among consumers this year. When looking at innovation next year as a whole, they respect clean, solid materials.

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