Why does SAKURA cherry blossom make a call to DeGola K for “Shaking a sister”?

To say the hottest social moment Platform, it must be the vibrato app, and the most popular events of the whole netizens are the 618-year-old promotion. On June 4th, when “Duoyueyijie” Dyula K sent a dance video showing the theme of SAKURA cherry blossom “Shake 618”, the netizens immediately blasted the pot. “Sakura cherry blossoms planted what grass, let small Is the sister calling?”

mentioning Dyula K, the singer er, no one knows, no one knows. Its representative healing smile and cute sweet dance convey a full positive energy. It has created a miracle of 30 million fans to break through 10 million, and became the first dance goddess of vibrato.

It is the sister of Dyula K, who is comparable to the first-line star. It is said that the work schedule has been scheduled until the end of this year. The media waiting for interviews or inviting her to participate in variety shows has already been counted. More insiders broke the news, Dyula K is very picky about the cooperative brand, there is no spiritual fit, it will not pick up. Therefore, when the “Sakura Shake 618” dance video was issued, it caused a lot of commotion, and the number of praises within 2 days exceeded 300,000, and the number of comments exceeded 10,000.

Video, Dyula K stands on the SAKURA cherry blossom 618 theme Under the KT board, dancing lively and cheerful dance, the signature smile from time to time, makes people feel more pleasant. In the end, she compared her hand with a love, giving a sweet blow, as if a pink bubble appeared all over her body.

Immediately afterwards, the well-known talents of the giants, the Twinkle, the long-mouthed baba, etc., all spontaneously participated in the theme activity of the SAKURA cherry blossom 618. A few vibrating people, or funny, or sexy, deductive life. Under the leadership of several people, many of them have created the same video spontaneously, and they quickly picked up the #樱花 cherry 618# boom. At this time, SAKURA Sakura officially launched the event: June 4-18, as long as you pay attention to the cherry blossom official vibrating number SAKURA4001666668, you can participate in the #樱花 cherry 618# challenge. Choose a video of the singer, shoot the same video and post it, like the 300 and screenshots or the top 100 of the official @ 樱花 樱花, you can get a beautiful gift from the SAKURA cherry blossom.

(Giant, Rice Twinkle, long-mouthed baby video screenshot)

When fans are fascinated by the charm of the people, everyone I am also curious, what magical power does SAKURA cherry blossom have, and can Dakula K’s “shaking a sister” and many vibrating people spontaneously participate in this activity? In fact, in the 618-year big promotion, the SAKURA cherry blossoms seem to be “not doing business”, but in fact it is unique.

618 big promotion as the middle of the saleDuring the outbreak of the sale, all major brands are scrambling to promote their products. Not only contracted various advertising spaces for subways, buses, and elevators, but also invited big coffees such as Yang Mi and Peng Yuxi to help them drink. In this promotional battle, the SAKURA cherry blossoms are like a clear stream – calling on everyone to pay attention to the way of life, “Shake 618”.

In its propaganda poster, with rich psychedelic colors, pleasing dancers, dynamic notes and fans who are more gestures than rock, just a glance, the mind will naturally sound the dynamic music that makes people shake their heads. Super appeal, it seems to lead the spectators to live together and enjoy life, while the products on the side have become a foil.

Unexpectedly, this is not true of SAKURA Sakura However, it happened to poke the current G-spots that young people love to play and release stress, and made an efficient communication with the young people. While winning the good feelings, the traffic has also been naturally introduced into the SAKURA cherry blossom promotion platform.

From this point of view, SAKURA cherry blossoms seized the key words of “burning” and “life” and played a beautiful marketing campaign. It accurately grasps the psychological needs of young people, truly extracts different live scenes in life, transmits positive energy, and evokes a strong resonance of the audience, and uses the vibrating sound challenge to be a popular interactive form of young people and cooperates with high-quality videos. The content spread, allowing the volume to expand rapidly.

SAKURA Sakura’s trick was surprisingly successful, and it was praised by the industry: “The young people got the world, the spread of the #樱花 cherry 618# challenge, not only shows the SAKURA cherry blossoms and the young people’s play together ‘The ability to make SAKURA cherry blossoms become ‘Time ICON’.”

Sakura Sakura General Manager Zhang Yongzheng also said: “Compared with pure promotion, SAKURA cherry blossoms pay more attention to the collision of consumers in the soul. In this In the next year, in the middle of the promotion, SAKURA Sakura uses high-quality products, unprecedented policies and fun activities to bring you a feast.”

The so-called, the highest marketing is the lifestyle leader, SAKURA This cherry blossom is “not doing business”, it is exactly ” “Burning Love passed brand appeal.


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