Why is Xiaomi Tao burning all over the country? Where is the value of Xiaomi Tao?

This year, Xiaomi Tao will be fired all over the country

At least 50 times of peaches, and you can directly withdraw the im wallet.

The role of peaches? The first one is peach. Attribute, Xiaomi Tao is participating in the platform’s profit distribution according to the proportion of peaches held by each person. The second is the equity attribute, and each peach holder will become the shareholder who writes on the blockchain. The third is to have value-added attributes, and peaches can enjoy the appreciation space brought by the development of the platform. The fourth is the property right attribute. The peaches we get from contributing value to the platform cannot be falsified, irrevocable, or recovered. Xiaomi Tao is through the blockchain and the Token to guarantee the rights of all of us who participate in the contribution! (Note: Peach is a circulated encrypted digital rights certificate, peach is enjoyed in Xiaomi Tao For the equity certificate, the user can choose to transfer his or her interest in Xiaomi Tao to the company at 1:0.1 yuan, or choose to hold the peach to retain his interest in Xiaomi Tao.

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