Winter floor care is like female maintenance. Temperature and humidity should be considered.

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Don’t think that buying the floor home will be fine after the paving is completed. The maintenance of the floor is the life of the floor. In the daily life, people often neglect the maintenance of the floor and even inadvertently damage the floor, which shortens the service life of the floor. Cleaning, waxing, temperature and humidity control are all ways to ensure the long-term use of the floor. One of the methods.

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Floor Maintenance Knowledge: Control temperature and humidity to create a suitable indoor environment

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Someone thinks In winter, as long as the indoor and outdoor air circulation is increased, the influence of indoor temperature on the floor can be reduced. In fact, wood is the basic constituent material of the floor, and the change of temperature and humidity may cause the wood to expand or contract, which makes the wood Deformation or other occurrences during use Therefore, the real cause of cracks in the floor is humidity, not just temperature.

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Experts suggest that the ideal indoor humidity should be controlled between 40% and 80%, and the temperature should be maintained at 18 ° C to 24 ° C. Such a suitable temperature and humidity environment is also very beneficial to the human body. In the dry season in the north, the use of humidifiers or regular window ventilation, placement of green plants, etc. can increase the indoor relative humidity. The southern region should take care to ensure proper indoor humidity. In addition, some heating areas should also take measures to humidify the room to prevent excessive moisture loss.

Floor maintenance knowledge: targeted maintenance to raise beautiful floor

floor maintenance is also targeted. Solid wood flooring prefers temperatures below 27 ° C and humidity from 40% to 80%. In the case of heating in winter, the floor will shrink due to water loss, and the splicing gap will increase. At this time, it is recommended to apply a “mask” on the solid wood floor – solid wax, it is recommended to wax twice a year.

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Parquet flooring and Painted finish. Oil veneer flooring is a natural wood surface that is stable and durable, but in the long-term use, the surface of the floor is slightly damaged and damaged. In case of such problems, it is recommended to use special maintenance oil to wipe if the damage is compared. In serious cases, the floor can be refurbished, and a thin layer of the floor surface can be removed by professional equipment, and then the natural pure vegetable oil can be used for maintenance, so that the floor can be restored to youthful appearance.

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Use a wrung cotton swab for daily cleaning of the painted floor. In case of stubborn stains, wipe with a neutral cleaning solvent and then wipe with a wrung cotton swab. Do not use an organic solvent such as acid, alkaline solvent or gasoline. In order to maintain the aesthetics of the floor and extend the life of the paint, special concentrated paint maintenance oil is used. It is recommended to take care once a year. After use, it can effectively enhance the texture of the paint. It can effectively prevent hard objects from wearing and scratching the floor, and can extend the service life of the floor.

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