with the accelerating urbanization process in China

Furthermore, with the accelerating urbanization process in China, household disposable income increased, also provided strong financial support for families to purchase appliances environment, accelerate the “two net” products quickly spread.benefit from the electricity supplier development, “two net” product line growth rate was significantly data show that the first half of 2017, market share in the line of water purification equipment market is far other super-category, accounting expanded to 46.32%, retail sales grew 5.47%. In contrast to other categories, followed by market share of water purifier is declining, although the market share of 19.68 percent, but retail sales decreased 6.27% year on year. This year the family of water purification solutions in the new class water softener and central water purifier, mediocre performance on the line. In which the water softener retail sales fell 1.65%, the central water purification machines increased by only 0.08%, in stark contrast to 2016, more than four times the growth rate.
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