Wood such as North American white oak remains at a low level

Recently, the North American timber market is still hard to get better, and shipments of various types of materials have remained at a low level. Taking white oak as an example, the market of white oak has not shown good performance in recent days. Although the import cost of white oak has risen due to the increase of tariffs, in the terminal sales market, the price of white oak is difficult to rise effectively, and the overall market remains stable. . Some merchants said that on the one hand, the market inventory of white oak is relatively large. Although the tariffs have risen, most of the dealers sell old stocks; on the other hand, the downstream market demand is sluggish, and white oak is naturally difficult to sell. At present, the white oak in Guangdong market is 2.15-3.05m long, 2 inches thick, and fas grade is 12000-13000 yuan/m3.


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